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We are pleased to announce the 2023 Silver Tea will be hosted in the beautiful home of Jenny Elkins on Wednesday, December 13, 2023. The Annual Silver Tea allows you to explore this home and truly enjoy the splendor of the Christmas decorations throughout.


We are pleased to honor the Holly Hall Advisory Board Members and their legacy of service to our community. Holly Hall is grateful for their many years of leadership and support that has made this community a longstanding tradition for many generations.


Proceeds from the Silver Tea benefit our Resident Subsidy Program, which is used to cover the “cost of care” for those residents who, over time, are no longer able to do so themselves. Holly Hall is dependent on the generosity of friends like you to provide such care. A gift to the Silver Tea will provide a resident the peace-of-mind that they may continue living in their home despite their individual circumstances.


Underwriters plan an important role that ensures the funds are raised for the Resident Subsidy Program. Underwriters and donors giving $500 or more will be recognized on the Silver Tea invitations and event signage (donation must be received by October 6th to be recognized in printing).

We appreciate all of our underwriters who gave through November 15, 2022.


Silver Tea Service: $10,000
Silver Tea Pot: $5,000
Porcelain Tea Pot: $2,500
Cup of Tea: $1,000
Spot of Tea: $500